Last Minute ISEE and SSAT test prep

There is still time for applicants applying to day and boarding schools to take the ISEE or SSAT admissions tests. We help prepare students by targeting the areas your student needs to focus on to ensure optimum scores.
Our team of experienced teachers have prepped numerous students on the ISEE and SSAT tests with great success. We are able to quickly assess which areas of the tests need strengthening and practice to improve scores.
While the numerical scores are important, the essay section is considered an equally valuable measure of each students skills. Many admissions directors have shared with us that the essay demonstrates a level of maturity and ability to articulate thoughts in a short period of time. During test prep our teachers emphasize the importance of the essay and help students prepare and execute their writing to ensure a well-written essay on test day.
We know what test scores will help make a student competitive in the admissions process. We help prepare your student to make sure they have the best possible outcome to earn the scores needed to gain entrance into the schools of their choice.
Call us today at 203 661-2483 or email us if you would like to take advantage of our ISEE and SSAT test prep. Do not delay as time is limited for taking the tests.