School Placement Possibilities

There is still time to consider independent day and boarding school admissions. Many families may just be realizing that a school change for their child is necessary but are concerned that it may be too late to apply. We can help you determine whether applying your child now to an independent school is a viable option.

While Admissions Directors and their committees are busy evaluating candidates who have applied for the fall of 2017, there may still be opportunities for families just getting started with the process. Schools want a diverse group of applicants to strengthen their varied programs. If their current pool of applicants do not reflect the schools’ needs, they will continue to entertain new applicants. We can help you determine whether your student can fulfill a school’s goal, and also expedite the process.

Our School Placement Services include the following:
Student Evaluation and School List
ISEE/SSAT Preparation
Guidance with Applications and Recommendations
Advocacy for Student with Admissions Directors
Contact us by calling 203 661-2483 or email us if you would like to explore school possibilities for your child. We look forward to working with your family.