All of our boarding school students gained acceptances!

We prepared our students in order to write their applications, spend days touring school campuses, and interviewing with Admissions Directors about how they can each contribute to their community. Additionally, we worked with our parents to help make personal connections with members of each school community in order to demonstrate a meaningful interest. By the end of this process, our students gained a better sense of themselves and what they need to accomplish to be successful students.

As an example, Ashley, a freshmen at a local public school, wanted to take full advantage of the academic opportunities available at many of the boarding schools located close to home and pursue her interests. She is athletic, which means she is constantly traveling to games. This lifestyle leaves her little time to do anything else. By attending a boarding school next fall, Ashley will continue her athletic pursuits, explore other passions, and attend small, intimate classes with motivated and talented students just steps away from her dorm room!

´╗┐Now is the time to begin the conversation with your student.

If your child needs or wants more, a boarding school may be the right next step. There are many more options to choose from and we can help your family with the entire school placement process!

We work closely with our full school placement families to help ensure each student gains acceptance into the schools of their choice. Our approach is highly personalized.