There are still school options for Fall of 2018

There are still school options for Fall of 2018

Exploring independent schools for the fall of 2018 is still an option. Although the deadline has passed, there are still a limited number of openings in some of the independent schools.

We work closely with admission directors and we can help your family explore a new school environment for your child.

If your family is interested in learning about the school placement process please , contact us now.

What to consider when thinking about independent schools:

- K-9 or K-12 school – Academics – Alternative programs – Extra-Curricular opportunities – Class size – School Community

A Small School can be a Great Option

Small schools have flexibility with programming and they have a more intimate environment, all of which equates to a tailored, personalized education. Additionally, smaller schools tend to communicate and work with parents to ensure their students make progress .

Forming close relationships with teachers and peers while working together in a small community can be a transformative experience. Students gain confidence, motivation and leadership skills as they strengthen their academics without pressure or distractions. Consider the opportunities a small school can give your child.

Our Process

We work closely with our full school placement families to help ensure each student gains acceptance into the schools of their choice. Our approach is highly personalized. We work closely with admissions directors, helping them to see how the student we recommend can succeed in their school.

Robin and I are educators first and the admissions directors value this and appreciate what we are doing for our students and for their school.