Exams, and Final Papers and Projects

Students gain confidence and motivation when prepared.

During the next few months, High School students will take final and AP exams, as well as ACT and SAT tests. These tests require significant preparation to achieve high scores. Now is the time for our experienced team of teachers too help your student prepare.

Middle school students will also be preparing for end of the year exams, papers and projects. Our highly skilled educators personalize each session to meet students’ specific needs. We want to ensure our students end the school year with confidence and success.

We focus on the following areas with end of the year assessments:

Organize materials, help with time management and create study guides
Understand test format and test taking strategies
Solidify understanding of concepts and work on practice questions
Teach writing techniques and organization strategies for essays

We focus on the following areas with ACT and SAT Preparation:

Give insight into ACT and SAT test format
Teach and reinforce test taking strategies
Familiarize students with specific types of questions
Guidance on time management
Administer practice tests and give a detailed report of results
Teach skills to strengthen verbal, reading, math, science and writing

We look forward to working with you and learning more about how we can best help your student. Email us or call 203-661-2483 today to ensure your student succeeds at the highest possible level.