Why Private Schools

Why a Private School?

The advantages to giving your child a private school education is innumerable. The options can be day schools, boarding schools or alternative schools. The most compelling reasons to explore private schools are the following:

Parents as Partners: Private schools emphasize open communication between parents and administration and encourage parents to be involved within the community. Parents and community work together to create the best possible academic outcome for students.

Inclusive Community: Each private school has its own unique culture, and the school’s community fosters strong friendships among peers and close relationships with teachers and administrators. As a result, students feel supported and nurtured.

Small Class Size and High Academic Standards: Small class sizes give teachers the ability to target lessons more appropriately to meet the needs of each student, while challenging and engaging them through interactive learning.

Flexible Curriculum: Beyond a traditional curriculum, teachers have the flexibility to create learning opportunities based on their experience and expertise. Students also have the opportunity to explore their interests beyond their course work.

Extracurricular and Academic Opportunities: Students have many opportunities to participate and pursue their interests and talents. In addition to the arts, athletics and performing arts, students gain exposure to new and different activities such as robotics, global studies, digital arts, environmental stewardship, economic and entrepreneurial aspirations and community service.

Leadership Roles: Private schools offer a variety of opportunities to take on leadership roles. Students are consistently encouraged and supported to take initiative and start something on their own if it is not offered. Through their involvement, students learn how to become leaders within a community.

Strong College Placement: A personalized approach to educating each student results in better college options. Teachers, administrators and college advisors work together to create an authentic portrait of each student as part of their application to schools. Additionally, college advisors advocate on the student’s behalf.

Robin and Jim have been educators in private schools for over twenty-five years. They both received their master’s degree from Teachers College at Columbia University and have held a multitude of roles as teachers, admissions officers, secondary school counselors, learning specialists, and school administrators. Robin and Jim are passionate about educating students and partnering with parents, while supporting all academic endeavors. They are the founders of Browns Educational Consultants in Greenwich, Ct. and can be reached at Brownsec.com or 203-869-2483.