Honor Simeone

Honor is an invaluable teacher and has been part of our team from the start. She teaches a wide range of students. She has a unique ability to pull information out of students in order for them to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught. Honor taught at the Old Greenwich Elementary School and at other Connecticut elementary schools as well. Her love for children, coupled with her experience, has helped many of our students achieve success.

Debby Southwick

Debby’s teaching experience was at Greenwich Country Day School and at the Pike School in Andover, MA. Her own children attended local independent schools, which has added to her understanding of how the private schools operate and the expectations they demand from their students. Debby engages students and enables them to feel good about their progress. As a result, her students gain the confidence to take on new challenges. She is very adept at using technology to help students strengthen skills, which gives her students the opportunity to solidify math skills in a variety of ways.

Sahar Ross-Wiley

Sahar’s training as a professional Biologist and her experience as a Chemistry teacher at Greenwich Academy gives our students depth to their studies with higher level science courses. She has a BS and MA in Biology from the University of Connecticut and has been teaching with us the past few years. Sahar has been teaching middle school students math, including Algebra, and admissions test prep for independent day schools as well. Additionally, she understands the expectations in independent day schools as her two children attend local private schools.

Hilleary Coleman

Hilleary joined us this past summer and we are very fortunate she did. Hilleary has extensive experience working with young students up through the middle school years. As she is stepping away after twenty-five years from her full time role as a Learning Specialist at Rippowam Cisqua School in Bedford, she is helping our students develop organization skills, basic fundamental skills in reading, writing, and math. Not only is Hilleary excellent with students, she is a wonderful resource for parents. She has worked with many families with a variety of needs over the years, so there isn’t much she hasn’t seen.

Jane Daley

Jane has been with us now for the past three years. Before joining us, she taught at Pear Tree Point School in Darien. She has a Masters in teaching and enjoys working with our younger population through grade 6. Jane connects easily with students, which quickly makes our students feel at ease when they come to the office. Her direct style not only helps students develop the skills they need, but she also builds their confidence to apply their newly developed skills at school. Jane’s experience is mainly helping students strengthen fundamental skills for reading and math, and she has helped many students prepare for the ISEE exam.

Clare McManus

Clare has been with us the past three years and specializes in high school math and science, which makes her a highly sought after teacher. Clare is an engineer that just enjoys working with students. Her easy but direct manner makes her students feel comfortable while they tackle high level math and science concepts. Her genuine love for her students and for teaching shine through every session I see her working with students. She has extensive experience teaching Algebra through BC Calculus and she can teach students needing help with Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Kate Grace

Kate has been with us for the past three years and her experience working with young children learning basic reading and writing skills is invaluable. Kate taught elementary students in a couple of New York City private schools and was an intern teacher at Greenwich Academy before that. Kate has developed a clear understanding of where students are academically and also what skills are needed to be successful students in the schools they currently attend. Her specialty is with our younger students up through grade five.

Eric Tillman

We are very fortunate Eric joined our group this year. He taught all levels of English in Brunswick’s Upper School for over thirty years, coached a number of sports at various levels, and at one point was the English Department Chair. When he first started out as a teacher and coach, he taught middle school English at another independent day school. His expansive experience really makes a difference for the students he works with. He understands young adolescence well, he knows what is expected of them at every grade level, and his knowledge of literature and his ability to bring out the most in his students’ writing is invaluable.

Catherine Cronin

Catherine is another one of our veteran teachers that joined us this past year. She has a combined thirty years teaching at Greenwich Academy and Greenwich Country Day School. Math is her specialty, but she did teach all subjects to elementary students at GCDS. While watching a professional like Catherine teach students, it is obvious that she can quickly assess where a student is struggling and what steps to take to strengthen their skills. Additionally, she has developed lots of different teaching strategies over the years and can reach and customize her approach to each student’s learning style and needs.

Jamie Coleman

Jamie, like his wife Hilleary, has extensive experience working with students with different learning needs. He too joined our group this past year. His experience, however, is mostly with high school students. He is especially adept in helping our older students with language processing weaknesses and executive functioning challenges. His patience and warm smile puts our older students at ease. He is thoughtful and organized, and his many years of experience working with many different kinds of learners gives students the confidence that they can accomplish their work at a high level.

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