Success with School Acceptances

Families who partnered with us, using our full school placement services, have gained acceptances!

Many of our students gained multiple acceptances to a number of schools and are making their final decisions. Together, we were thoughtful with our planning, collaborated our efforts throughout the process, and clearly communicated our intentions with Admissions Directors.

We expect our full placement boarding school students will gain their acceptances in March. We worked closely with our students to identify school choices, create a compelling and competitive application, achieve solid SSAT test scores, and make connections with admissions directors and influential alumni and parents. We are confident they will enjoy the same level of success.

´╗┐Now it’s time to begin the conversation on how we can help your family with the school placement process for the future!

We work closely with our full school placement families to help ensure each student gains acceptance into the schools of their choice. Our approach is highly personalized.