2020 Educational Advantages

We are excited to share the services we will be offering in 2020. We have been providing students and their families educational advice and support for over a decade. All of our students have gained acceptances into multiple schools of their choice.

College Advising
We help students find the right colleges while keeping their goals and interests the main priority. We work on all aspects of the college process; writing the personal essay, completing applications on time and providing support with additional materials; resume, supplements, recommendations, and interview prep.

Day and Boarding School Placement
We collaborate together to identify and evaluate school options to find the right school fit for students and their family. We help manage all aspects of the application process and ease the anxiety and confusion that comes with applying to schools.

Educational Advising We help parents guide their children in the right direction, whether it’s with teachers, peers, school or family related issues. Together we work with parents to create options to meet their child’s needs and develop a plan of action.

Test Preparation
We teach students test taking strategies to improve their chances of answering questions correctly and using time efficiently during testing. They apply their newly acquired skills successfully to the ISEE/SSAT/ACT and SAT tests.

Additional Educational Services:
Our services can be done remotely
College transfer student support
Academic tutoring in all subject areas
Student athlete guidance (secondary school and college)
Alternative School Placement Options