Browns Educational Consultants were phenomenal to work with. Their knowledge of the educational landscape and range of options, ability to understand and realistically assess the educational environment that would best fit our family’s specific needs, and the enormous reputation and credibility that they have in the educational community were all major assets and hugely important in our finding the best fit for our children. They are a tremendous and highly professional resource and we recommend them wholeheartedly.

- Parent of a Greenwich Country Day student - School Placement Testimonial

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

- Was the message from a mom whose daughter was accepted to Greens Farms Academy as a seventh grader.

We knew it was time to transition from Windward but we were anxious about the process. Your supportive approach guided helped us through each stage. Now our son is actively involved in his new school and happy.

- Parent of a Middle School Student a King-Low Heywood - School Placement Testimonial

My wife and I didn’t know how to help our son. He had been struggling in school since 1st grade. Your advice and guidance has been invaluable!

- Parent of a 5th grade student - Advising Testimonial

Since our daughter has been meeting with one of your tutors, she gained more confidence and learned skills she needed. Now she is enjoying more success and enjoys school.

- 3rd grader - Tutoring Testimonial

I felt overwhelmed about switching schools but through the process you both helped me learn more about myself and where and I would learn best. I love my new school and can’t thank you both enough!

- 9th grade Student at The Berkshire School - School Placement Testimonial

“With your guidance, my son is back on track at school. Thank you for meeting with my husband and me and helping us sort through his issues”

- from a mom of a boy in grade 9.

We felt like we had been steering our daughter in the right direction, but each year, she became more and more anxious. That’s when we knew we needed help. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the meetings we have had and the support you have given us to help our daughter.

- Parent of an 8th grade student - Advising Testimonial

We thought finding another great independent school for our daughter to attend high school was going to be a challenge, especially since she had been at the same small private school since Kindergarten. Your optimism and wealth of knowledge in the independent school world was incredibly reassuring. We are so grateful!

- Parent of a 9th grader at Convent of The Sacred Heart - School Placement Testimonial

We were worried our son wouldn’t learn to read. With your support and individualized approach, he is happily reading chapter books.

- 2nd grade student - Tutoring Testimonial

As a mom, I always thought I would be able to assist my children with all their educational needs. When it came to finding the right school for them, I knew I needed assistance. Browns Educational Consultants was our first call. They listened to what our family was looking for in a school environment and were able to help guide us through the decision making process. They truly understand each individual student, as well as student’s individual needs.

- Parent of a 5th grader at Greenwich Country Day School - School Placement Testimonial

Since our daughter has been receiving your tutoring services she has been on the honor roll and feeling confident. We can’t thank you enough!

- Parent of a 10th grader - Tutoring Testimonial

I never thought about a private school since I had been at public school my whole life and I liked my school and all of my friends. You opened my eyes to many different possibilities. With your help, this process was more of a journey and I couldn’t be happier at my new school.

- 6th grader at Rye Country Day School - School Placement Testimonial

You have helped us through a difficult time with our son, we are so happy to have found the two of you.

- Parents of 1st grade student - Advising Testimonial

Before I went to BrownsEC, math was my worst subject. Now, I actually like math and I understand it. Thank you for helping me to become a good math student.

- 6th grader - Tutoring Testimonial

“You really understood him and he flourished as a result!”

- From a parent of a 5th grade boy sharing how one of our teachers helped her son.

Figuring out high school and all the changes that our daughter was going through emotionally, socially and academically became all too consuming. Your advice and guidance was incredibly helpful, thank you!

- Parent of a 9th grade student - Advising Testimonial

We didn’t know where to begin the private school search for our 4th grade daughter and son in kindergarten. Your strategic and well planned out approach helped us every step of the way. Thank you for making the process easy!

- Greenwich Academy and Brunswick student - School Placement Testimonial

Thank you for helping me become more organized and for teaching me how to prepare for tests. I finally feel like I know how to study and I am getting better grades.

- 9th grade student - Tutoring Testimonial

The thought of boarding schools scared all of us but we knew our son wanted to attend one in the fall. Your guidance and knowledge was incredibly helpful and our son loves his school, thank you!

- Student Taft School - School Placement Testimonial

Helping families through the many difficult times we all encounter is an incredible asset to this community; we are all fortunate to have your services.

- School administrator - Advising Testimonial

Our family can’t thank you enough for tutoring our son. He feels good about himself, he has increased his vocabulary and he has learned how to really understand what he is reading.

- 7th grade student - Tutoring Testimonial

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